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The Daring Adventures of the Starship Hyperion!


Starship Hyperion
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This is a LJ-run Star Trek based RPG. We are open to new crewmembers! For more information or if you'd like to join, please contact miusheri. We would like you to note that the Hyperion is a Starfleet Intelligence ship and ask that when designing your characters to keep that in mind. Characters who would not fit into this environment will not be allowed.

When joining, please email miusheri (at miusheri-at-gmail-dot-com) your bio with three positions you would like. We are currently looking for crew in all departments, including some senior officer positions!

Rules of Play

Contact info (members only)

Roster (as of August 17, 2006):

Bridge Crew
Commanding Officer: Captain Aurek Petroski, male Human, miusheri
First Officer: Commander Zavvis, female Vulcan, miusheri
Intelligence Liaison: Lieutenant Vilok, male Vulcan, t3knomanser
Chief Operations Officer: (Open)
Helm: (Open)
Counselor: (Open)

Security Department
(Tactical is a responsibility of the security department.)
Chief Security Officer: Lieutenant Commander Rafif Bilaal, female Human, ellie
Assistant Security Officer: Ensign Da Gahan, female Betazoid, ellie

Engineering Department
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Anne Pressen, female Betazoid, lisamaesie
Assistant Engineer: Ensign Rhona Moss, female Human, ellie

Science Department
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jake Donaldson, male Human, t3knomanser
Assistant Science Officer: Ensign Cheryl Wickstrom, female Human, miusheri
Enlisted Science: Crewman First Class Emmanuel Sanis, male Human, t3knomanser

Medical Department
Chief Medical Officer: Acting Lieutenant Carrie Brooks, female Human, lisamaesie
Assistant Medical Officer: (Open)